7.1 Insurance Coverage. The Board of Directors or the duly authorized agent of the Association shall have the authority to and shall obtain or cause to be obtained insurance as follows:

7.1.1 The Board shall obtain insurance on all insurable buildings and, where the Board deems there to be a reasonable risk, other substantial structures whether or not such buildings or structures are located on the Common Areas and which the Association is obligated to maintain Insurance on buildings shall provide, at minimum, fire and extended coverage, including vandalism and malicious mischief,. and shall be in an amount sufficient to cover the full replacement cost of any repair or reconstruction in the event of damage or destruction from any such hazard insurance on other substantial structures shall cover those risks deemed advisable by the Board and shall be in such amounts as are deemed advisable by the Board. The Board may insure other types of improvements, including entry Monuments, landscaping, and the like, as it deems advisable. With respect to such other improvements, the Board shall determine the risks to be insured and the amounts of insurance to be carried.

7 1 2 The Board shall obtain a public liability policy applicable to the Common Areas covering the Association and its members for all damage or injury caused by the negligence of the Association or any of its members or agents, and, if reasonably available, directors' and officers' liability insurance. The public liability policy shall have a combined single limit of at least One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) unless otherwise determined by the Board

7.1.3 The Board is hereby authorized to contract with or otherwise arrange to obtain the insurance coverage required hereunder through the Declarant and to reimburse Declarant for the cost thereof, and Declarant shall be authorized, but not obligated, to purchase such insurance coverage for the benefit of the Association and the Owners upon Declarant and the Association agreeing upon the terms and conditions applicable to reimbursement by the Association for costs incurred by Declarant in obtaining such coverage Notwithstanding anything contained in this Declaration to the contrary, the Board shall not be required to comply with the provisions of this Article if the Board has contracted for or otherwise arranged to obtain the required insurance coverage through the Declarant.

7.1.4 Premiums for all insurance shall be common expenses of the Association. The policies may contain a reasonable deductible, and the amount thereof shall not be subtracted from the face amount: of the policy in determining whether the insurance at least equals the full replacement cost.

7.1.5 In the event insurance premiums in connection with the insurance' required by this Article 7 become prohibitively expensive, in the judgment of the Board, the Board may with approval of seventy-five percent (75%)of the Total Association Vote reduce the amount of the required insurance, self-insure itself, or discontinue the insurance all together

7.2 Policy Requirements. All such insurance coverage obtained by the Board of Directors shall be written in the name of the Association, as trustee for the respective benefited parties. Such insurance shall be governed by the provisions hereinafter set forth.

7.2.1 All policies shall he written with a company authorized to do business in Washington.

7.2.2 Exclusive authority to adjust losses under policies obtained by the Association shall be vested in the Association's Board of Directors; provided, however, no Mortgagee having an interest in such losses May be prohibited from participating in the settlement negotiations, if any, related thereto.

7.2.3 In no event shall the insurance coverage obtained and maintained by the Association's Board of Directors hereunder be brought into contribution with insurance purchased by individual Owners, occupants, or their Mortgagees, and the insurance earned by the Association shall be primary.

7.2.4 All casualty insurance policies shall have an inflation guard endorsement and an agreed amount endorsement if these are reasonably available and all insurance policies shall be reviewed annually by one or more qualified persons, at least one of whom must be in the real estate industry and familiar with construction in King County

7.3 Other Insurance. In addition to the other insurance required by this Article 7, the Board shall obtain worker's compensation insurance, if and to the extent necessary to satisfy the requirements of applicable laws. The Board may, in its discretion, obtain a fidelity, bond or bonds on directors, officers, employees, and other persons handling or responsible for the Association's funds, if reasonably available. The Association shall obtain additional insurance coverage, if and to the extent necessary to satisfy the requirements of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage 'Corporation; the Federal National Mortgage Association, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

7.4 Individual Insurance. By virtue of taking title to a Lot subject to the terms of this Declaration, each Owner acknowledges that the Association has no obligation to provide any insurance for any portion of individual Lots, and each Owner covenants and agrees with all other Owners and with the Association that each Owner shall at a minimum, carry fire and extended coverage casualty insurance on the Lot and all structures constructed thereon in an amount sufficient to cover the full replacement costs of any repair or reconstruction in the event of damage or destruction from any such hazard.

7.5 Damage and Destruction - Insured by Association.

7.5.1. Immediately after damage Or destruction by fire or other casualty to all or any portion of any improvement covered by insurance written in the name of the Association, the Board of Directors or its duly authorized agent Shall proceed with the filing and adjustment of all claims arising under such insurance and obtain reliable and detailed estimates of the cost of repair or reconstruction of the damaged or destroyed property. Repair or reconstruction, as used in this Section, means repairing or restoring the property to substantially the same condition and location that existed prior to the fiV6 or other casualty, allowing for any changes or improvements necessitated by changes in applicable building codes The Board of Directors shall have the enforcement powers specified in this Declaration necessary to enforce this provision.

7.5.2. Any damage or destruction to property covered by insurance written in the name of the Association shall be repaired or reconstructed unless, within sixty (60) days after the casualty, at feast seventy-five percent (75%) of the Total Association Vote otherwise agree. If for any reason either the amount of the insurance proceeds to be paid as a result of such damage or destruction, or reliable and detailed estimates of the cost of repair or reconstruction, or both, are not Made available to the Association Within such period, then the period shall be extended until such information shall be made available; provided, however, such extension shall not exceed sixty (60) days. No Mortgagee shall have the right to participate in the determination of whether damage or destruction shall be repaired or reconstructed.

7.5 3. If the damage or destruction for which the insurance proceeds are paid is to be repaired or reconstructed and such proceeds are not sufficient to defray the cost thereof, the Board of Directors shall, without the necessity of a vote of the Associations, members, levy a special assessment against all Owners in proportion to the number of Lots owned by such Owners. Additional assessments may be made in like manner at any time during or following the completion of any repair or reconstruction. If the funds available from insurance exceed the costs of repair or reconstruction or if the improvements are not repaired or reconstructed, such excess shall be deposited to the benefit of the Association.

7.5.4. In the event that it should be determined by the Association in the manner described above that the damage or destruction shall not be repaired or reconstructed and no alternative improvements are authorized, then and in that event the property shall be restored to its natural state and maintained as an undeveloped portion of the Community by the Association in a neat and attractive condition.

7.6 Damage and Destruction Insured by Owners. The damage or destruction by fire or other casualty to all or any portion of any improvement on a Lot shall be repaired by the Owner thereof within seventy-five (75) days after such damage or destruction or, where repairs cannot be completed within seventy-five (75) days, they shall be commenced within such period and shall be completed within &reasonable tune thereafter. Alternatively, the Owner may elect to demolish all improvements on the Lot and remove all debris therefrom within seventy-five (75) days after such damage or destruction. In the event of noncompliance with this provision, the Board of Directors shall have all enforcement powers specified herein.

7.7 Insurance Deductible. The deductible for any Casualty insurance policy carried by the Association shall, in the event of damage or destruction, be allocated among the Persons Who are responsible hereunder, or be a common expense of the Association.