6.1 General/Rules and Regulations. This Article, beginning at Section 6.2, sets out certain use restrictions which must be complied with by all Owners and Occupants. These use restrictions may only be amended in the manner provided in Section 11.3 hereof regarding amendment of this Declaration. In addition, the Board may, from time to time, without consent of the Owners, promulgate, Modify, or delete other use restrictions and rules and regulations applicable to the Community Such use restrictions and rules shall be distributed to all Owners and Occupants prior, to the date that they are to become effective and shall thereafter be binding upon all Owners and Occupants until and unless overruled, canceled, or modified in a regular or Special meeting by a majority of the Total Association Vote and the consent of Declarant during the Development Period.

6.2 Residential Use. Except as provided in this Section all Lots shall be used for single-family residential purposes exclusively with the exception that certain home occupations may be permitted, subject to the guidelines and rules established by the Board. Such home occupations may be limited to certain business uses, shall not create any disturbance, noise, or unsightliness, shall not unduly increase traffic flow or parking congestion, and shall not be in violation of any of the provisions of the Governing Documents. Use of the Lots shall in all cases be in compliance With all applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.

6.3 Building and Landscaping Requirements and Restrictions. Except as provided in Section 6.4 below, all residences constructed within the community by any Person shall be subject to design guidelines which may cover the minimum size, architectural style, height, scope of improvements, quality of design, materials, workmanship, and siting standards. Such design guidelines shall be established by the ACC for the purpose of establishing a Community of harmonious design. Without restricting or limiting the authority of the ACC pursuant to Section 3.5 in approving or disapproving of any specific proposal, the following restrictions shall apply to the Community in general.

6.3.1 Only one Single Family home shall be permitted on each Lot. Two story or split level homes shall include no less than 1,300 gross square feet of living space, exclusive of one-story open porches and garages. One story homes shall include no less than 1,000 gross square feet of living space, exclusive of one-story open porches and garages.

6.3.2 After Declarant has completed construction, of all houses in the Community, any remodeling or exterior addition to any residence or other structure erected or placed on any Lot shall be completed as to external. appearance, including finished painting, within six (6) months after the date of commencement of construction All front, side and rear yard landscaping must be completed within six (6) months from the date of closing of the purchase of the residence by the Owner from the Declarant. In the event that strict enforcement of this provision would cause undue hardship due to Weather Conditions, this provision may be extended for a reasonable length of time when approved by the ACC.

6.3.3 All homes within the Community shall contain a garage; carports shall not be permitted. Unless otherwise approved by the ACC, all garages must be attached to, or incorporated in and made a part of, the residence constructed upon a Lot In granting waivers to this requirement; the ACC will consider functional necessity and architectural desirability.

6.3.4 All driveways and parking areas shall be paved with material approved by the ACC.

6.3.5 No fence, fencing-type barrier, or hedge of any kind in excess of six (6) feet high or into the front yard of any residence shall be erected, allowed or maintained upon any Lot, Without the prior Written consent of the ACC. All fences shall be constructed of wood Material unless approved by the ACC. Any such fence, barrier, row of trees, or hedge 'shall be strictly in compliance with Design Guidelines, if any, established by the ACC, which standards May provide for limited acceptable styles and/or specifications.

6 3.6 Each home constructed on a Lot shall be built of new materials except, with approval of the ACC, decorative items such as used brick; weathered planking, and similar items. All visible masonry shall be native stone, brick or stucco. Types and colors of exterior paint and stain must be submitted to the committee for approval: Any change to the exterior color of any improvement located on a Lot, including; without limitation, the dwelling, must be approved by the ACC.

6.3.7 All roofs on dwellings and garages shall be of composite, tile or cedar shake and shall have a minimum pitch of four/twelve.

6.4 Existing House. Intentionally omitted.

6.5 Signs. No sign of any kind shall be erected by an Owner or Occupant within the Community without the prior written consent of the ACC. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Board and the Declarant :shall have the right to erect reasonable and appropriate signs including, without limitation, signs related to Declarant's development and marketing of residences within the Community. In addition, “For Sale" signs and security signs consistent with the Community-Wide. Standard and any signs required by legal proceedings may be erected upon any Lot.

6.6 Vehicles. The term "vehicle's" as used herein shall include, without limitation, automobiles, vans, campers, trucks, buses, motor homes, mobile homes, boats, jet skis, trailers, portable aircraft, motorcycles, snowmobiles, mini-bikes, scooters, go-carts, dune buggies and any other towed or self-propelled transportation type vehicle. The term "passenger vehicles" as used herein shall include passenger automobiles, vans, small trucks, motorcycles, and similar type vehicles used regularly and primarily as transportation for the Occupants of the Lot. Vehicles used for commercial and recreational purposes are not considered passenger vehicles. "Parking areas" shall refer to the number of garage parking spaces and driveway areas in front of garages. However, driveway areas shall be considered "parking areas" for passenger vehicles only.

6.6.1 No vehicles other than passenger vehicles in regular use may be parked on any Lot or portion of the Community, except in parking areas on Lots, or in a screened area On a Lot, if such screened area is approved by the ACC. Any vehicle regularly parked in an unapproved area or for longer than twenty-four (24) consecutive hours shall be considered a nuisance and may be removed from the Community.

6.6.2 No passenger vehicles may be parked on any Lot or portion of the Community exception “parking areas" as defined in this Section.

6.6.3 Any passenger vehicle which is inoperable or unlicensed and not capable of use on the public highways and which is parked on any parking area for a period of more than forty-eight (48) hours shall be treated the same as a non-passenger vehicle and shall be considered a: nuisance and May be removed from the Community.

6.6.4 The Board may adopt and maintain current rules and regulations concerning the parking and storage of vehicles on any Lot or any portion of the Community. Said rules are to protect the Community from the potentially adverse impacts of vehicles on the Community environment and to accommodate the evolving nature and use of such vehicles. Such rules and regulations may provide for exceptions and/or modifications to the conditions of this Section as determined in the sole discretion of the Board. The Board shall rule on any dispute as to the interpretation or application of this Section and all rules and regulations established by the Board with respect to vehicles.

6.6.5 Off-street parking for at least three (3) passenger vehicles shall be provided on each Lot. Covered enclosed parking shall be provided for one (1) or more passenger vehicles, plus a driveway for at least two (2) additional passenger vehicles, unless approved by the ACC.

6.7 Vehicles on Common Areas. No motorized vehicles shall be permitted on pathways or unpaved Common Areas except vehicles being used for the limited purpose of operating and maintaining utilities.

6.8 Leasing. Lots may be leased for residential purposes. All leases shall have a minimum term of at least three (3) months.  All leases shall require, without limitation, that the tenant acknowledge receipt of a copy, of the Declaration, Bylaws, and rules and regulations of the Association.

6.9 Occupants Bound. All Provisions of the Declaration, Bylaws, and of any rules and regulations, which govern the conduct of Owners and which provide for sanctions against Owners shall also apply to all Occupants. Fines may be levied against Owners or Occupants. If a fine is first levied against an Occupant and is not paid timely, the fine may then be levied against the Owner.

6.10  Animals. No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept in the Community; provided, however, that conventional household pets may be kept on a Lot subject to the following restrictions: Pets shall not be kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes. Owners shall be responsible for the immediate clean up and removal of all fecal matter deposited by pets on any property other than the Lot of the Owner of the pet. Pets shall be confined in the Owner's Lot unless on a leash and accompanied by a responsible person. No domestic pet may be kept if it is a source of annoyance or a nuisance. The Board shall have the authority to determine whether a particular pet is a nuisance or a source of annoyance, and such determination shall be final and conclusive. Pets shall be attended at all times and shall be registered, licensed and inoculated from time to time as required by law.

6.11  Mining Prohibited. No portion of the Community shall be used for the purpose of boring, mining, quarrying, or exploring for or removing oil or other hydrocarbons, minerals, gravel, or earth.

6.12 Nuisance. Each Owner and Occupant shall prevent the development of any unclean, unhealthy, unsightly, or unkempt condition on his or her Lot. No Lot shall be used in whole or in part, for the storage of any property or thing that will cause such Lot to appear to be in an unclean or untidy condition, nor shall any substance, thing, or material be kept that will emit foul or obnoxious odors or that will cause any noise or other condition that will or might disturb the peace, quiet, safety, comfort, or serenity of the occupants of surrounding property. No illegal, illicit, noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on within the Community, nor shall anything be done tending to cause embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance, or nuisance to any Person using any property within the Community. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no speaker, horn, whistle, siren, bell, amplifier or other sound device, except such devices as may be used exclusively for security purposes, shall be located, installed or maintained upon the exterior of any Lot unless required by law or unless specifically approved by the ACC.

6.13 Unsightly or Unkempt Conditions. The pursuit of hobbies or other activities, including specifically, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the assembly of and disassembly of motor vehicles and other mechanical devices, which might tend to cause disorderly, unsightly, or unkempt conditions, shall not be undertaken outside of homes or garages. Garage doors shall he kept closed at all times unless they are in use. In addition, the storage of equipment, machinery, construction supplies or any similar material on a Lot outside of the home and garage constructed thereon is strictly prohibited except as required during the remodeling or refurbishing of improvements on such Lot and then for not more than sixty (60) days.

6.14 Antennas. No television or radio antenna, tower, satellite dish, or exterior antenna of any kind shall be placed, allowed, or maintained upon any Lot or any portion of the Community unless screened from view from the Street without the prior written consent of the ACC. Each Owner and Occupant acknowledges that this provision benefits all Owners and Occupants and each Owner and Occupant agrees to comply with this provision despite the fact that the erection of an outdoor antenna or similar device would be the most Cost-effective way to transmit or receive the signals sought to be transmitted or received.

6.15  No Obstruction of Easements. Catch basins and drainage areas are for the purpose of natural flow of water only. No obstructions or debris shall be placed in these areas. No Owner or Occupant may obstruct or re-channel the drainage flows after location and installation of drainage swales, storm sewers or storm drains. Declarant hereby reserves for the benefit of Declarant and the Association and their respective successors and assigns a perpetual easement across all Common Areas and Lots for the purpose of maintaining or altering drainage and water flow. No structure, planting, or other material shall be placed or permitted to remain upon any easement which may damage or interfere with the installation and maintenance of any utilities, unless approved by the Board prior to installation.

6.16 Sight Distance and Intersections. All property located at street intersections shall be landscaped so as to permit safe sight across the street corners. No fence, wall, hedge or shrub planting shall be plated or permitted to remain where it would create a traffic or sight problem as determined by the ACC in its sole discretion.

6.17 Garbage Cans, Woodpiles, Etc. All garbage cans, woodpiles, air- conditioning compressors, machinery, equipment and other similar items related to the operation of the residence shall be located or screened so as to be concealed from view from the street abutting the Lot on which such items are located. All rubbish, trash, and garbage shall be regularly removed and shall not be allowed to accumulate. Trash, garbage, debris, or other waste matter of any kind may not be burned within the Community.

6.18 Subdivision of Lot. No Lot shall be subdivided or its boundary lines changed except with the prior written approval of the Architectural Review Committee. Declarant, however, hereby expressly reserves the right to re-plat any Lot or Lots owned by Declarant. Any such division, boundary line change, or re-platting shall not be in violation of the applicable subdivision and zoning regulations.

6.19 Guns. The use of firearms in the Community is prohibited. The term "firearms” includes without limitation BB guns, pellet guns, and firearms of all types.

6.20 Utilities. Except as Maybe permitted by the ACC, no overhead utility lines, including lines for cable television, shall be permitted within the Community, except for temporary lines as required .during 'construction and except as such lines exist upon recording of the plat of the Community or as required by utilities serving the Community.

6.21 Lighting. No colored lights (except holiday displays and yellow insect type lights) shall be permitted at any location within the Community. All exterior fixtures that are attached to the home shall be of compatible design and materials of the home. Any post mounted exterior fixtures shall be of compatible design and materials as the fixture attached to the home. No fixtures which illuminate and excessively glare onto any other Lot shall be permitted, and all exterior lights shall be screened to minimize impacts of light and glare. No unshielded spot/floodlight fixtures are permitted.

6.22 Artificial Vegetation, Exterior Sculpture, and Similar Items. No artificial vegetation, exterior sculpture, fountains, and similar items shall be permitted in the front yard of any Lot unless approved by the ACC.

6.23 Mailboxes. All mailboxes located on Lots shall be of a style approved by the ACC. Mailboxes shall be attached only to stands provided and maintained by the Association in designated locations.

6.24 Clotheslines. No exterior clotheslines of any type shall be permitted upon any Lot unless entirely screened from view from other Lots.

6.25 Exterior Security Devices. No exterior security devices, including, without limitation, window bars, shall be permitted on any residence or Lot Signs placed on the Lot or the exterior of the residence stating that such residence is protected by a security system are permissible

6.26 Construction and Sale Period. So long as Declarant owns any property in the Community for development and/or sale, the restrictions set forth in this Article 6 shall not be applied or interpreted so as to prevent, hinder or interfere with development, construction and sales activities of Declarant or any builder or developer approved by Declarant.